The Human Voice

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Madness and melancholy intersect to thrilling effect as Almodóvar reimagines Jean Cocteau's short play The Human Voice for an era in which isolation has become a way of life. Laws of desire become the rules of the game as Tilda Swinton's unnamed woman paces and panics in a glorious Technicolor apartment where décor offers a window into her state of mind. A short, sharp shot of distilled Almodóvar: passion, emotion, heartbreak, wit, and melodrama exquisitely bound up in a tale for our times.

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15 årUnge ned til 12 år sammen med voksne
Advisory:suicide references
Country: Spain
Language: English, Spanish
Released:21 October 2020
Duration: 30 min
Genres: Drama

Film Credits

Pedro Almodóvar
Esther García
Agustín Almodóvar
Jean Cocteau
Pedro Almodóvar
Tilda Swinton
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