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Filmmakers Ibrahim, Soliman, Manar and Altayeb have been friends for over 45 years, idealists and intensely human. After long years of distance and exile, they are reunited to breathe life back into their old dream: make cinema a reality in Sudan. They are determined to leave a trace of their passage and to inspire the love of cinema across the country. Throughout the images they created, those that have been lost or remain a desire, the beautiful and horrific sides of their country appear. Winner Panorama Audience Award for Best Documentary Berlin International Film Festival 2019

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PG CertificateGenerally, a film classified as 'PG' will be suitable for children aged eight and over. However, as some elements within the film might be unsettling for some viewers, it is strongly recommended that parents/guardians - who know their own children best - consult the consumer advice available on this website before deciding on what is appropriate.
Advisory:references to violence
Country: Qatar, Sudan, Chad, France, Germany
Language: English, Russian, Arabic
Released:18 December 2019
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Documentary

Film Credits

Suhaib Gasmelbari
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Melanie Andernach
Suhaib Gasmelbari
Ibrahim Shaddad
Suleiman Ibrahim
Hana Abdelrahman Suliman
Eltayeb Mahdi
Suliman Ibrahim
Manar Al Hilo
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