So Long, My Son (Di jiu tian chang)

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So Long, My Son traces the lives of two families over three decades of social, political and human upheaval in China. Following the loss of a child in a tragic accident, their paths separate. Destinies ebb and flow, and fortunes transformed under the impact of a country's changing face. Yet even as their lives diverge, a common search for truth and reconciliation around the tragedy remains. But sometimes it can take a lifetime to say farewell. So Long, My Son chronicles people and a society in full transformation - in which human relationships and the tumultuous evolution of a nation are inevitably and inextricably intertwined.

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12A CertificateFilms classified 12A have been deemed appropriate for viewers of twelve and over. However, they can also be seen by younger children - provided they are accompanied by an adult who has deemed the film appropriate viewing for that child. In such cases, IFCO strongly recommends that parents/guardians make informed decisions by accessing the consumer advice available on this website.
Advisory:distressing scenes
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Released:15 March 2019
Duration: 180 min
Genres: Drama

Film Credits

Wang Xiaoshuai, Xiaoshuai Wang
Wang Xiaoshuai, Mei Ah, Xiaoshuai Wang
Zhao-Yan Guo-Zhang, Qi Xi, Xi Qi, Jiang Du, Jingjing Li, Liya Ai, Ai Li-ya, 咏梅, Wang Jingchun
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