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Over one hot summer in 1985 naive teenager Alexis (Félix Lefebvre) falls deeply and dangerously in love with David (Benjamin Voisin). The pair become inseparable on the beaches and dancefloors of sun-soaked Normandy. But devilish and spikey David sees himself as a free spirit and refuses to be tied down. How will Alexis respond when he realises he can’t have David all to himself?


Unabashedly queer, hotblooded and hormone-driven this is a welcome return to the preoccupations of director Francois Ozon’s early career. Featuring superb 80’s styling and music from Rod Stewart, Bananarama and The Cure.

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15 årUnge ned til 12 år sammen med voksne
Advisory:suicide references, brief bloody images, sexualised nudity
Country: France
Language: French
Released:14 July 2020
Duration: 100 min
Genres: Drama

Film Credits

François Ozon
Eric Altmayer
Nicolas Altmayer
François Ozon
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
Valeria Bruni‑Tedeschi
Philippine Velge
Melvil Poupaud
Félix Lefebvre
Benjamin Voisin
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